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How A Owners Rep Will Ensure Your Schedule is Met

A real estate owners rep / project manager will make sure that each piece of a real estate project is perfectly in place from conception to completion, so the final result can be a seamless masterpiece with no hiccups.  A well experienced 3rd party owners rep / project management firm with a staff of multiple disciplines can do several things to ensure this happens for your project:

  1. A project manager / owners rep who is active in the marketplace will know who the best-in-class vendors are, their current and future availability, and if they are presenting their “A” teams. Although they may not be the lowest-cost providers, reputable vendors who are available to handle the workload and have proven expertise in completing similar projects ensure you the most reliable and efficient personnel, thus avoiding costly delays later on.
  1. A owners rep / project management firm with a clear understanding of current market conditions based on past and present experience will also help you avoid costly delays. A project manager who comprehends permitting and commissioning processes, knows current labor pools, has a sense of material lead times, and has an overall grasp of the construction and installation process will ensure that your scheduled tasks are given enough time to be completed in logical sequence with one another.
  1. A project manager / owners rep who can provide the end user/client with the correct data, research and information to make educated decisions will be able to provide accountability to the internal project team. Without this information and accountability the end user/client may delay decision-making, thus delaying the overall project schedule which may cause cost overruns.

Hiring a project manager / owners rep will ensure that your project is perfectly scheduled and delivered on time.  Though uncontrollable environmental conditions— also known as force majeure: weather, natural disasters, economic turmoil, etc.—can certainly cause delays, a project manager can be your insurance plan that ensures that all controllable elements are accounted for and allowances are made for unexpected and uncontrollable ones as best as possible.

Stephen Fean
Stephen Fean is the Vice President of Business Development at Watchdog Real Estate Project Managers, a real-estate consulting firm that provides owner’s representation and project management services. More about Watchdog Real Estate Project Managers as well as additional blog posts can be found here.
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