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Multiple Locations
  • Managed build-out of regional headquarters.
  • Subsequently hired to manage additional projects in various cities.
  • Retail stores and switch room facilities.

Within the scope of our build we encountered countless change orders. While some project managers would have just pushed them through, Watchdog constantly pushed back on the GC’s to sharpen their pencils and the change order amount down to a more reasonable amount. This saved us a tremendous amount of money across all of the retail store builds….Watchdog made my job a lot easier and I don’t think I could have gotten all these stores open without them.

MetroPCS – is a provider of wireless communication across in the United States.

Watchdog was hired by MetroPCS Pennsylvania LLC to manage the build-out of their new regional headquarters.  At this time, MetroPCS was in temporary office space and to save costs, wanted to move into their new facility as soon as possible. As a result of the successful completion of this project Watchdog was again engaged by MetroPCS to manage several other projects, including the build-out of their switch room and the roll-out of their Philadelphia, New York and Boston retail stores.

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