Our people are our single greatest asset.


At Watchdog, we understand that navigating the labyrinth of contractors, negotiations, budgets, schedules, and general bureaucracy involved in a real estate and construction project can be daunting.

Few organizations maintain the workforce required to manage so many details, yet these details are often the difference between success and failure. That’s why our mission is to be a client’s exclusive advocate—whether as a project management extension of your in-house real estate team or as your sole owner’s representative. Our team can handle specific services or entire projects from concept to completion.

Exceptional project management and owner’s representation goes beyond scheduling and budgeting. Watchdog’s project managers provide clients with experienced leadership, indispensable knowledge, and valuable industry influence that affect every phase of a project, from developing cost-saving solutions to finding the best vendors for your needs.

Whether the project is 5,000 or 500,000 square feet, we integrate ourselves into your organization to acquire a superior understanding of your industry, goals, and values. As your project manager, we represent your interests, protect your assets, intercede on your behalf, and guide you through critical decisions each step of the way.

With Watchdog guarding your bottom line, you can rest assured that the job is getting done…while you do yours.

Our Philosophy

Trust, integrity, and creativity are integral parts of any successful Watchdog project, and we make it a priority to collaborate with organizations that share those values.
Our reputation is only as good as our last job, which means that excellence is an absolute requirement. We know that you have many choices for project management and facilities resources…so why should you choose Watchdog?

Maximum Involvement

Watchdog believes that early involvement in projects is critical to success. By participating in the initial planning stages, we can determine the project's objectives, scope, and parameters and advise clients on the best, most cost-effective approach. We take pride in tailoring each project to meet our clients' specific needs and goals. As your advocate, we will work to understand not only the details of your project but also the structure and vision of your organization, by spending as much time as necessary on your project.


Although most of our competitors bill by the square footage of a project, Watchdog always offers a flat, not-to-exceed price based on an agreed-upon time commitment. This practice prevents ``surprise`` budget overruns and frustrating schedule delays.

Personalized Service

Watchdog is proud to be a service-minded, hands-on company. Clients experience personal attention, commitment, and sole focus without the red tape of other project management firms.

Our People

It goes without saying that the most valuable part of any project is people. Without competent, enthusiastic, and committed individuals at the helm, even the best-laid plans can go awry.

Founded and operated by David Heckler, Watchdog employs full-time project managers with diverse backgrounds and skills, including real estate brokerage, engineering, and construction management. This approach provides the flexibility to adjust to market conditions and to retain project-specific talent. Our pool of best-in-class project managers and facilities professionals allows us to meet specialized client needs, while offering a broad range of services.

Architects, designers, engineers, builders, telecommunications professionals, furniture vendors, and movers are all part of our team. Watchdog has solid professional relationships with talented local and national contractors to ensure that clients have a choice of topflight vendors for their needs and high-quality outcomes at the best possible price.

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