4 Year Time Lapse Video of the Incredible Shanghai Tower

Check out this incredible time lapse video of the construction of Shanghai Tower. So much went into the conception, design, construction, engineering and development of this building; the facts are quite simply staggering. Here are a few highlights about this project:

  • Area: 30,370 SF
  • Height: 2,073 feet
  • 121 occupied floors
  • Includes office, luxury hotel, entertainment, retail and cultural venues.
  • One of three towers symbolizing Shanghai’s past, present and future. The shape of the tower symbolizes China’s emergence as a global financial power.
  • Planning began in 1990.
  • The tower is made up of nine zones, each 12-15 stories high. Each zone is considered a neighborhood and is completely self-contained to accommodate the daily needs of occupants.
  • Shanghai commonly experiences typhoon level winds, which was accounted for in the design. The asymmetrical shape, the tapering profile and rounded corners were design elements implemented to allow the building to withstand winds.
  • The curtain wall was designed with over 20,000 panels which have over 7,000 unique shapes.
  • The tower contains the world’s fastest elevators with speeds exceeding 40mph.
  • The LEED Gold building has some of the most advanced sustainable features in the world including its own power generation systems for parts of the tower.


For more information on Shanghai Tower, click here.

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Katie Craven
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