Apps for Commercial Real Estate

Apps for Commercial Real Estate


It’s true, there’s an app for that. If you are a real estate professional, or are undergoing a real estate project and you haven’t downloaded any apps, you may want to look into some of the apps for commercial real estate we’ve reviewed below.


Curb Appeal– Cub Appeal is basically Instagram for real estate listings. This app takes incredible photos for marketing properties of any kind. Indoor real estate photos rarely come out well when taken by an amateur; Curb Appeal makes solving photography issues really easy. The app will automatically adjust your photo after you take it, making it brighter or darker as necessary. You can make further adjustments with filters, tilts, adding text captions, etc. There are different view sizes, helping you create the perfect image to fit into your marketing template and many, many more options.


News Funnel- Setting up a news funnel account is really easy. You provide your name, zip code, email address and provide a password. You are then asked to select which markets you are interested in, from a list of cities and states across the country. You can also select which market segments you are interested in, ie- industrial, commercial office, retail, residential, etc. Once you make your selections, News funnel then spits out all stories for the marks and segments that you selected. You can scroll through and quickly read the headline, news outlet and the date or time the article was posted.


Blueprinting Apps- There are so many different blueprinting apps in the app store, it can be a bit overwhelming. Most use photos to create plans of a room which you can then add furniture and fixtures to, take measurements, etc. Some will calculate square footage. Typically there is an option to export your plan as a PDF, JPEG or CAD file. A few of the top contenders are Magic Plan, Draft Paper, PadCAD Lite, Blueprint 3D, but there are many more. If you help reading the plans that you created on your app, check out our recent blog post- How to Read an Architectural Plan.


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