Architectural Renderings: Costs and Process

Architectural renderings can be enormously helpful for clients who are designing a new space. Renderings bring the design criteria to life and allow stakeholders to understand the space better than they could from a set of architectural plans.

Renderings are a valuable tool but can be a high-cost point of stress for owners. We have pulled together a list of professional render firms and their direct pricing. It should be noted that the pricing is for the architecture firm. Business owners will also see costs involved with the architectural firm making the 3D model and coordinating the work.

There are several steps involved in achieving high-quality architectural renderings. The firm creating the renderings needs certain information: architectural plans, design finishes, and colors, interior furniture design and choices, etc.

First, a 3D model is created. The shell is created from the architectural plans. Once the shell is created, a series of images are created for approval and modifications. These images are used purely for checking architectural and structural accuracy.

From the 3D model, the shell is colored, textured, landscaped and furnished. Lighting and camera angles are determined for final renderings.

Understanding the costs, timeline and process for architectural renderings deepens the value and informs the client. This artwork can be a powerful tool to help stakeholders understand the design, to market a new space, and to gain buy-in from a larger audience, and to generate excitement about a new space. The costs can be steep. The below chart provides insight into the costs associated with the investment of architectural renderings.


Firm 1   $2200 -$3200  $2800 – $4000 0 1-2 weeks
Firm 2  $3,000  $3,500 4 weeks 1 week
Firm 3  $2,500  $3,000 4-8 weeks 2 weeks
Firm 4  $2,900  $3,300 4-6 weeks 2 Days/View
Firm 5  $5,018  $5,018 4-6 weeks 2+ weeks
Firm 6  $3,316  $3,749 Unknown 5 Days/View
Firm 7 $1580 – $2035 $1580 – $2035 Unknown Unknown


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