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Bloomberg is setting the bar high on new office space in London. Expected to be completed by 2017, Bloomberg’s new HQ sits on 3.2 acres in Walbrook Square in the City of London. The new HQ will have 500,000 square feet of office space, a 250-seat theater, 18 restaurants, 4600 desk spaces, two public spaces and a new Bank.



This is currently the largest development project taking place in the City of London. In order to respect the height of the surrounding buildings and their sightlines towards St. Paul’s Cathedral, they decided to build two eight story buildings rather than one large tower.


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Construction Facts: 

  • 600 tons of bronze used on project to date – equivalent to the weight of 5 blue whales.
  • 15,500 tons of steel installed – 1,000 tons more than used on Brooklyn Bridge and more than double the weight of the Eiffel Tower.
  • 1,000 km of fibre optic cabling – the distance between London and Geneva.
  • 450 tons of aluminium (2.25million spoons)
  • Number of desks: 4600


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Man Power:

  • Number of man hours worked so far: approx. 5 million
  • Man hours planned to complete construction of project: approx: 9 million
  • Number of people who have worked on the project to date: 6,223
  • Number of people currently working on site: 1,155
  • 26 different languages spoken on site


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More pictures and facts can be found on Bloomberg London’s website.


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