Common Project Management Terms that you Once Knew But Might Forget

We like to provide a quick glossary of common industry terms every now and then. Today’s list of common project management terms includes vocab you probably hear used frequently, but most likely need a refresher on the definition and application of the word.


Voltage- Voltage is the pressure from an electrical circuit’s power source that pushes electrical current through a conducting medium. Voltage determines the quantity of electrons (electrical current) flowing through a specific conductor or device.  Essentially, voltage = pressure, and is measured in volts. Voltage is also known as electromotive force (emf) or could be abbreviated as V.


Amperage- The measure of the flow of electrons through a conductor. Amperage=current. The quantity of current that flows past a given point per second.


*It’s important to understand the available power in a given space so that the power demand doesn’t overload the available supply and cause equipment to fail. 


Value Engineering (VE)- A systematic method to improve the value of goods by examining function. Value is the ratio of function to cost. Value can be increased by improving either value or function. In a construction project, value engineering involves evaluating construction methods and/or materials to determine which will have the best cost reduction results without compromising performance, reliability, aesthetics, safety, etc.


Ambient Lighting- the overall illumination of a given area. Ambient lighting is the light generally present in an area. It excludes task lighting (like a desk lamp) and accent lighting (like spot lights) but includes general lighting and daylight.


Ambient Temperature- The temperature in a general area, usually resulting from the combined effects of internal and external cooling/heating methods. Ambient temperature is particularly important when planning for spaces heavy in technology such as server rooms.

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