Design Trends for Education Settings

Today’s students are more sophisticated than ever. Brought up with advanced technology in the palm of their hands, branded marketing and an emphasis on experience, modern students have different expectations and needs for the classroom setting. The classroom setting is shifting away from the basic lecture hall experience. Here is a round up of top design trends that we are seeing in educational settings:



Collaborative Design

Instructors are flipping the traditional teaching model and moving away from lecturing. Studies are showing that deeper learning happens through peer collaboration. Therefore, classroom furniture needs to be versatile and flexible. Demand for collaborative tables, seats with swivel functionality, and desking that can pivot is increasing. Having spaces that adapt and flex to many learning and teaching styles promotes success for everyone involved.



Educators are embracing technology and finding new ways to incorporate tech solutions into the classroom. Being able to share digital content is critical. We’re seeing more emphasis on wireless technology, and presentation software. While technology can be a legitimate distraction in the classroom, it is in the best interest of the student and educators to embrace technology and find ways it can enhance learning.


Ownership and Choice

Students are engaged when they have a say in what their learning environment looks like. Today, learning environments are designed to offer choices.  Different types of seating, options for moving desks, and furniture which allows for different configurations can create a sense of ownership and choice while also addressing a variety of teaching and learning styles.



Stemming from the idea of ownership and choice, designers are creating spaces with “zones” which help the interior function in a variety of ways. Zones can separate areas for collaboration from quieter work environments where students can go to do focused, individual work.  Zoning can also help provide different aesthetic experiences within a space.

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