There are so many details and nuances when an office is moving from one location to another. Though much of the project is behind you when you get to the physical move, there are so many details that need to be managed through the moving process. Getting existing furniture from point A to point B must be carefully planned so that your employee’s belongings end up in the right place and so that no damage is done to expensive furniture and fixtures.


There is a difference between who moves your furniture and who installs your furniture. This might sound like a technicality, but it’s actually an important difference. Office furniture is a big investment and it is important to ensure that each piece gets from one place to the next without damage.


Furniture Movers

Your moving company and movers are obviously a critical part of an office relocation. You want a moving company which will carefully transport your employee’s belongings to your new office location.  Your moving company should be fully capable of transporting boxes, crates and disassembled furniture from one location to another. This should be done in an organized and secure fashion to minimize damage and disorder upon entering your new office.

Movers should only be responsible for the physical relocation of boxes and furniture. Disassembly and reassembly of any furniture or fixtures are outside of a mover’s scope. You need movers to provide the labor for heavy lifting and transportation.


Furniture Installation

Furniture installers have a different purpose and scope than movers. Think about a modern workstation. Some workstations have as many as 75 individual pieces. A trained technician will know the proper sequence of disassembly so that every station can be moved safely and without damage.

Electrical equipment is another area where installers have the right expertise. Conference facilities use extensive wiring. You need professionals who are trained to deal with the electrical side of this type of equipment so as not to cause any accidental damage to your expensive office furniture.

Think of it this way: once tools are needed (for disassembly or reassembly), you need furniture installers rather than movers.

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