Here at Watchdog, we keep a log of all of the vendors that we have used, across all disciplines. We reference this list when we are creating and issuing RFPs, or when an issue arises for which we need a specialty vendor.  While each real estate project is unique, and we customize our approach to match the needs of our clients, there are several disciplines that we work with in almost every real estate project. Today, we’re providing a little bit of insight on the common disciplines involved in a real estate project.


Architect / Engineer – This one is pretty self-explanatory. We work with an architect and engineer on each project. These are the professionals who design the space from an aesthetic, structural and functional standpoint.

General Contractor- Also pretty obvious. The General Contract (GC) is responsible for the execution of the construction of the project. The GC also coordinates all sub-contractors involved in a construction job- masonry, electrician, carpenter, etc.

Audio Visual (AV)- AV designers plan all aspects needed to fully accomplish a company’s AV needs: audio conferencing, video conferencing, monitors, speakers, TVs, blackout shades, projectors, etc. AV installers then fit out a space with all designed infrastructure.

Voice + Data- This refers to vendors who supply and install anything having to do with internet and phone connections.

Furniture- We work with furniture vendors quite a bit to help our clients achieve the right functional and aesthetic needs for their space.

Moving- If a real estate project involves a physical move, we work with moving companies to coordinate all aspects of the move to ensure organization and efficiency.

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Depending on the project, we can work with many, many more vendors across many, many disciplines. If a real estate project requires security, signage, fitness equipment, site inspections, art consultants, demolition, title services, etc., etc., we procure these services on behalf of our clients. We then oversee the process and progress of each vendor.

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