Finding the Right Project Management Support: In-House vs Outsourced

When you are preparing for a real estate project, capital improvements or new construction, one thing is clear: the project needs to be managed closely. Avoiding schedule delays, budget increases, and scope creep requires a lot of management and oversight. But who is going to do this work?


It is not at all uncommon for a business or institution to be short staffed when heading into a major construction project, or even for a series of smaller projects. Each organization has to make the staffing decision that makes the most sense. Here are three considerations to help you decide whether to hire additional in-house support or outsource your project management.


1) What are your priorities and future goals?

It’s important to become clear on your top priorities: What will make this real estate project a success? What are the priorities of your internal staff? Is there enough support to go around? How frequently do you have construction projects to manage? How quickly does the project need to be completed? The answers to these questions can help clarify what you might need. If you have ongoing needs for real estate project management, it might make sense to hire additional team members in-house. If you are undergoing your first series of fast-paced improvements in years than you would be better of outsourcing your project management needs.

2) Can you learn something by outsourcing project management?

Depending on the expertise that you have in-house, you might be able to learn a great deal from outsourcing project management. External project managers are professionals at their craft. They are on construction sites and managing projects on a daily basis. Your in-house team may not be able to match the level of knowledge, practice, expertise and industry prowess of an external project manager. If that is the case, outsourcing project management would be a great solution for your project.

3) Are you able to take on additional overhead?

Adding in-house support puts your organization at a big advantage for executing future projects. However, adding headcount is a big responsibility. Your organization may not be able to take on the costs of an additional employee. More than just the cost, recruiting, hiring and onboarding can be a lengthy process. If you need immediate support, outsourcing your real estate project management needs to a professional who can quickly jump on the project and provide needed support may be more valuable to you.

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