Featuring a mixture of office space, residential units, and retail, the FMC Tower will be the 6th tallest building in Philadelphia, PA.  The FMC Tower will host a total of 50 floors and will top off at 730 feet.

According to the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat the tenth tallest building in the World would be One World Trade Center at 1,270ft , compared to FMC’s 73o feet.  FMC Tower will be roughly 500 feet shorter than One World Trade Center.

FMC Tower - Height Watchdog Project Managers Owner Rep

Philadelphia was once the home of the World’s largest building. From 1901-1908, Philadelphia City Hall was the largest building in the world at 9 floors (548ft). Shortly after 1908,  New York City claimed the right to the home of the largest building until 1974.

FMC Tower Progress Picture Watchdog Project Managers Owner's Representative

Additional pictures and more information on the construction of the FMC Tower can be found on our blog.

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