The Future of the Workplace: 3 Top Workplace Trends

There is much to say about the future of the workplace. Trends that have emerged in the past several years are proving their staying power. The city vs suburb debate continues with an important commonality uniting the debate: proximity to transit. Whether you’re on the city or suburb side,  you likely favor locations that are close to public transit, and offer the option for workers to bike or walk to the office. Wellness and resilience are top priorities in many of the newly designed workspaces, complimenting the desire to be close to mass transit options. Above all, developers, financiers and business owners are looking to infuse imagination and inspiration into their spaces. Creating an attractive, original and stimulating workspace helps businesses and owners attract the tenants and workers they need for the future.


Trend 1) Redefining the Corporate “Campus”

Location, location, location. It’s nothing new in real estate. Companies are weighing their workplace needs against the preferences of a workforce that’s in flux. The end result is a mix: the rise of vertical campuses, industrial buildings in the urban core transformed to office space, and the staying power of the traditional corporate campus. The “everyone under one roof” concept is still important to businesses that feel having their workforce together will provide a boost in productivity. Whatever the location and format, corporate campuses are integrating complementary amenities and community-serving uses and features. Mixed-use components are being worked into the corporate campus, no matter the location or set-up.


Trend 2) Managing Change

Today’s workforce and working environment is changing daily, no matter which sector you’re in. Change is inevitable. Businesses know that 70% of change initiatives fail. Today, failure is not an option so organizations are getting out in front of the evolutions and transformations of the workplace and the organization as a whole. Change management is unfolding and seeing a rise in use and effectiveness. Change management consultants are now using social media to get end-user feedback. Making the workforce part of the change creates a more engaged and collaborative workforce.


Trend 3) The Impact of Tech

Of course, technology has an impact on our workplaces. But now we are seeing the technology sector impact buildings, workspace design and even developments. Tech companies run at a faster pace than other sectors. They need to have the ability to pivot and turn on a dime. Their real estate solutions need to be able to accommodate these rapid fluctuations. That means real estate solutions have to support these changes- in style, in format, and design.

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