Gov. Andrew Cuomo Plan For The Renovation of Penn Station

Gov. Andrew Cuomo recently laid out his plans for modernizing and renovating Penn Station. Labeled as the Empire Station Complex the plan includes renovating Penn Station as well as the neighboring Farley Post Office. The original Penn Station was built in 1910 and went through renovations in 1963. Penn Station is designed to accommodate 200,000 daily commuters but today it handles more than 650,000.


Watchdog Real Estate Cuomo Penn Station

View from the concourse

Como’s plan is the have the redevelopment completed within the next 3 years. The project could entail the demolition of the 5,600-seat theater that sits beneath Madison Square Garden, upgrading the shops in the complex, as well as adding new glass entrances on Seventh Avenue or 33rd Street.


Andrew Cuomo plans for renovating Penn Station

View from 8th avenue


The main goal is to bring more light and air into the station while alleviating some congestion making the Penn Station experience more enjoyable. If accomplished the Empire Station Complex will be a World-Class transportation Hub for the 21st century.



View from the concourse


The redevelopment of the station will be a public / private partnership. Investors would be granted commercial rights to the station in exchange of paying building costs.

Watchdog Construction Management Penn Station

View from 33rd Street


More information on Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s plan for renovation of Penn Station and Farley Post Office can be found here.

Renderings are from the New York State Governors Office.

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