Green Building Sustainability Standard: Green Globes

Sustainable Interiors Certification Model, as illustrated by


The Green Globes sustainability standard, implemented by the Green Building Initiative, promotes positive changes for improved building operations, occupant comfort and the environment. The program is a nationally recognized green rating assessment, guidance and certification program.

The key difference with Green Globes, as compared to some of the other green building standards like LEED, Well, or Energy Star is that Green Globes works with you in order to realize your sustainability goals. Each project receives in-depth support from a third-party assessor or consultant that supports the desired improvements. Working alongside building managers, the third-party consultants create accountability measurements and clear direction as to the best methods to improve building performance.

Green Globes is a highly customizable program. The Green Building Initiative wanted to create a sustainability assessment standard that is not one-size-fits-all. The program takes into account the knowledge that facilities managers and building owners have of their own building and creates best practices in design, construction and operations that are best suited for your specific building. This customized guidance comes from the third-party consultants that are customary with Green Globes.

Green Globes Ensures:

  • Energy conservation
  • Lower water consumption
  • Responsible use of materials
  • Efficient use of project team time

There are Green Globes programs in place for new construction, existing buildings and for sustainable interiors. Each plan is a bit different and there are rating levels from one green globes to four green globes. The rating systems is based on sustainable energy science and designed to allow building owners and managers to select which sustainability features best fit their building and its occupants. Each project must meet at least 35% out of the available 1000 points.



To learn more about Green Globes, click here.

Katie Craven
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