Your company just announced that your office will be moving to a new location. You have been assigned to lead the office relocation project and, to no one’s surprise, the project timeline is aggressive. You are working with a third-party project management team and need to get them on board with your company’s timeline. What are the best things that you can do to move your project along as quickly as possible, without missing any of the details?


Take the necessary time during the planning phase of the project. This is so important. Your project management team should serve as your advocate during your office relocation project. In order to do this effectively, your PMs should understand not only the details of your project, but also the structure and vision of your organization. This means spending as much time as necessary understanding more than the logistics of the project but the specifics of what is needed and why? Taking the time during the planning phase can help to mitigate issues arising in the later phases of the project that could cause delays.


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Establishing the correct point of contact for all involved in the relocation project. At Watchdog, our clients always have a single point of contact for their project. No matter what the subject is, the client always contacts the same project manager. This is easiest for our clients and ensures that details are not missed due to lack of communication. It is equally important for the client to establish internally who is responsible for which portions of the project and clearly communicate that to the project management team. Communicating the many, many details involved in an office relocation project can be tedious so it is so important that everyone is aware of the correct points of contact on each side of the project. This way, details that could cause delays won’t be missed due to poor communication.


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