Identifying the Project Manager’s Role

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Each client’s needs are unique on any given project. While one client may require only construction oversight, another may need a more in-depth scope of services including full budget, schedule, and process management. For this reason, it is crucial to establish the role of the project manager at the onset of a project. This not only keeps the project manager accountable but also outlines the specific requirements of all parties involved.  Understanding these roles will lead to a successful working relationship across all client stakeholders throughout the project.

In addition to the client’s understanding of the project manager’s role, it is vital that all client vendors acknowledge this role as well. Without clarification, some vendors may take changes or problems directly to the client without realizing these conversations should include the project manager, ultimately leading to missed information that could affect the project schedule or budget. Establishing these roles as owner’s representative and overall project manager will help streamline conversations and allow for thorough management of all vendor services.


-Christine Krawiec, Project Manager with Watchdog Real Estate Project Management

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