Office Furniture Trends of 2019 We Foresee Continuing Through 2020

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Furniture has an incredible impact on the day-to-day functionality of an office and the culture of a workplace. Below are some trends that blossomed this year and we foresee continuing through 2020. Be sure to consider some of these trends in your next office renovation or relocation!


  1. Versatile Meeting Spaces

When meeting with clients and trying to determine their programming needs for allotted square footage, you must get creative. One meeting space now needs to serve a variety of functions and the shared solution is furniture.

  • Multi-purpose rooms are being routinely fit-out with mobile flip top tables for a flex environment; serving training, lectures, classroom and board room needs.
  • High back furniture has allowed for small impromptu working spaces on the floor. This has quickly become a new favorite for employees collaborating or hiding out to get some head-down work completed.
  • Soft seating is making its way from lobbies into open areas and closed-door meeting spaces, once again ensuring a diverse scope of meeting spaces for all end users.


  1. Smart Furniture

Technology is a must in today’s office. Office furniture continues to keep up technologically, delivering a variety of customizable inserts for each table setting, along with creative ways for wire management to be addressed in all setting types. Nowadays, It’s rare to find a modular soft seating option without an outlet or USB plug in, not to mention an option to screen share for that impromptu meeting you are looking to have.


  1. Game Rooms

The morale of a company’s staff, how they interact with the space and each other all play into the overall environment of the office. As employees dive into their next head-down task, sometimes they need a quick break. Some employees prefer a quick walk around the office or outside, while others view their latest social media feeds. The new craze that has been a steady request is space for a game room that can house lounge furniture and a game room table of some sort; ping pong table, pool table, or Foosball table.


-Stephanie Bongartz, Associate Project Manager with Watchdog


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