Have you outgrown your current office space?

There’s clutter and old paperwork strewn about the office. Employees are virtually on top of one another and the focus needed for daily work is overtaken by the noise of a coworker yelling into their phone. As you gaze across the office floor you see one employee on top of another, operating in space that’s not nearly large enough. Whether you’re in a shared office space or you have just exceeded capacity, you know it’s time for a change, and this change is good!

From a managerial standpoint, it’s important to look ahead to see what your company needs. As firms experience success and expansion over time, it’s natural to outgrow workspace capabilities. The signs are obvious, whether it be from complaints or a dip of workplace productivity brought on by disorganization and unhappiness. It’s been proven time and again: the comfort of an office space has direct effects on workplace morale and productivity. None of us want to feel cramped or constricted as we attempt to accomplish our duties to our fullest capabilities. Today’s workspaces typically are filled with open-views and glass partitions, making it even more important for some space between one another in the workplace.

Moving into a new office space is a re-investment into your company and it’s resources. Providing people with a manageable, enjoyable place to work can positively affect the entire firm. Modern architecture and design have been able to adapt to specific client needs and directly reflect an individual workplace culture. Color schemes and design are based around your company logo can directly influence a work environment. Providing people with a workspace they love coming to every day provides an element of comfort away from their home that may have been lacking before.

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