Why hire a whole team to manage your real estate or construction project? Because you won’t be sorry that you did. Here are three key reasons why the team approach is better than working with a single project manager.


Coverage– With a team approach, you don’t have to worry about your project getting off track during vacations, or if your project manager comes down with the flu. There is always a team member, fully up-to-date on all project progress, ready to jump in and do whatever is necessary so that nothing is missed. This increased coverage is even more beneficial when your whole team is on board. With a team of multiple project managers, you get that many more eyes on your project, and that many more people protecting your best interests, considering alternative solutions, etc.


Efficiency- There are so many details to track and manage during a real estate construction project. Accurately tracking the constant updates to the schedule, budget, progress, etc. is easily more than a one-person job. When you have a full project management team, tasks are delegated and assigned so that these fine-tuned details are constantly being monitored. Meanwhile, there are other team members handling vendor management, design review, construction site visits and stakeholder reporting. The team approach guarantees efficiency in your project management.


Increased Experience- Construction projects are complex; there are so many details to track, and expertise is truly needed in order to understand the risks of certain decisions. The more skill and experience that surrounds your project, the better. Two heads are better than one, three heads are better than two, and so on. With the constant moving parts of a real estate project, it is better to have as many people watching out for your best interests as possible.


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