Philadelphia LEED Buildings Along Villanova Parade Route

Villanova Logo with Wildcat

On a day when Villanova is taking over Philadelphia, we decided to join in on the fun. Here is a little bit of food for thought while you’re at the parade today.  As Villanova’s championship basketball team parades down the 5 blocks from 20th and Market Street to Dilworth Park, they will pass by 10 Philadelphia LEED Buildings.

Starting at 20th and Market, both One and Two Commerce Square are LEED Silver. Across the Street, 2000 Market Street is a LEED Registered building. 1900 Market is the only LEED building on the 1900 block. Both 10 and 11 Penn Centers are LEED registered, Gold and Silver respectively. The BNY Mellon Center is LEED Registered and 1700 Market is LEED Gold. The last two LEED buildings on the route are Liberty Place and Five Penn Center.

Two LEED buildings per block is pretty good average for a downtown urban street.  Today’s parade is a fantastic spotlight for Philadelphia and, of course, a well-deserved celebration of Villanova University.

Go Philadelphia!

Go Villanova!


One and Two Commerce Square 2001-2005 Market Street- LEED Silver

2000 Market Street- LEED Registered

1900 Market Street- LEED Certified

11 Penn Center- 1835 Market Street- LEED Silver

10 Penn Center- 1801 Market Street- LEED Gold

1700 Market Street- LEED Gold

BNY Mellon Center- 1735 Market Street- LEED Certified

Liberty Place- 1650 Market Street- LEED Registered

Five Penn Center- 1601 Market Street- LEED Certified


Villanova Parade Map

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