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This week is Part 3 of our blogging mini-series covering our favorite Philly Real Estate Blogs. This week we’re covering Hidden City which is a real gem of a blog, if you ask me. If you haven’t been there already, definitely check it out. We talked to Peter Woodall, who is one of many Hidden City’s many interesting and insightful contributors.

What’s It’s Deal? Hidden City actually got started as a festival back in 2009. The festival took place over 4-6 weeks and saw over 10,000 people interested in exploring the city and going to places they wouldn’t normally visit like the  Royal Theater on South Street and the German Society building on Spring Garden Street. Art and performance were incorporated into each of the festival’s 9 sites. Following the first festival, a non-profit organization was created in an effort to extend the mission of the festival. This organization started the Hidden City Daily which, with a large pool of contributors, has become its primary focus. A second festival was held in 2013 and there are no plans (yet) for a third festival.

Why We Love it- If you read Hidden City as your only source of Philly Real Estate news, you would be up-to-date on all the big happenings around the city. They will keep you in the know about current city happenings like the Indego Bike Program. What makes Hidden City so cool is that they cover stories that really would be otherwise “hidden.” Their focus is not just real estate; they approach their blog from an architecture and historical preservation perspective. Just yesterday they posted about the planned demolition of the 19th Street Baptist Church and the reaction to it.  One of Pete’s favorite posts (and now mine) includes countless photos of Trolley Cars in Philadelphia in the 60s. The background of the photos are stunning glimpses into Philadelphia’s not so distant past. With the city transforming in leaps and bounds, the photos provide a nostalgic view of the city. Hidden City does a great job in unearthing stories and buildings that people might otherwise never take a minute to notice.

What does Hidden City say?  In talking to Pete, he was very clear to say that by no means is Hidden City against development. They support the advancement and energy that is going on in our whole region. Hidden City is seeking greater protections for historic buildings in Philadelphia. This is a unique and very worthwhile perspective among the Philly Real Estate Blogs that we know and love.  With the stunning history and culture that infuses our area, how could anyone oppose preservation?


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