Philly Real Estate Blog of the Week: Naked Philly

Philly Real Estate Blog- Naked Philly


We’re changing things up a little bit this week and bringing you our favorite Philly Real Estate Blog of the Week on Thursday. This week, we’re talking about Naked Philly. We talked to ‘Mr. Fox’ and got some inside insight into what Naked Philly is all about.


What’s It’s Deal? Naked Philly is a blog started by Philadelphia development and property management company, OCF Realty.  If you have a personal interest in the development of Philadelphia neighborhoods, Naked Philly is a great read for you. The blog really focuses on development news, rumors, and opportunities throughout the city, and less so in the greater Philadelphia area. You get a sense that much of the blog’s content is from a Philadelphia resident who has the inside scoop from neighbors, store owners, personal knowledge of the city and its neighborhoods and of course a real estate company.

Why We Love It: As previously mentioned, Naked Philly is for the city dweller.  While Naked Philly doesn’t skip covering the larger projects, the focus of is much more on small neighborhood projects. As Mr. Fox put it, “Philadelphia is often described as a block by block city,” and when reading Naked Philly, you get the low-down on a nearly block by block basis. “A smaller project a smaller project a few doors down from your house will probably have more impact on your life than those big ticket projects.” I also love the qualifiers for each post like, “Across the Street from Sidecar” on this post about Two Homes Coming Down on Christian Street. That is an important detail, not to be missed!

What does Naked Philly Say? An insider tip from Mr. Fox himself is to never trust his stories on April 1st. This year’s April Fools post had a Laser Tag theme, claiming Laser Tag was coming to the Convention Center and two locations coming to the Greys Ferry vacant supermarkets. All in all, you can feel Mr. Fox’s interest and knowledge of Philadelphia. As he said, “We have very passionate citizens with very different opinions” in Philadelphia and there are few who are shy about sharing those opinions.


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Katie Craven
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