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Last week we started a blogging mini-series highlighting Philly Real Estate Blogs that we love. Of course, this mini-series would not be complete without talking about Philly Mag’s Property blog. We were lucky enough to talk to Sandy Smith, who you may recognize from his many posts on Property.  Here’s a little bit more about Property and why we love it:

What’s it’s deal- Property has a strong focus on homes for sale. They have four features that showcase homes currently on the market. One of my personal favorites is Trinity Tuesday. But the Jawdropper of the Week should not be missed either.  In addition to featuring homes for sale, Property also covers general market conditions and current issues that are making an impact. This includes news about new developments, market trends and everything you need to know to stay up to date on the city of Philadelphia. I felt particularly informed after learning what The Circuit is.

Why we love it- When surfing through the Property, you can’t help but get excited. Property highlights the best of Philly. They are certainly honest about the city’s quirks and downfalls, but what I love is that the focus is on what makes the Philadelphia area cool, vibrant, unique and special. When reading Property, I feel like I’m talking to one of my really in-the-know friends. They tell me what I need to know to stay current, but they will give it to me straight. If something goes against popular opinion, like the much talked about Bart Blatstein planned development at Broad and Washington, Philadelphians will let you know. And Property is no different. The information, commentary, reviews and updates feel honest, candid and authentic. What makes this so great is that there really is so much to be excited about in our area.

What does Property Say?- Sandy has been writing about real estate in Philadelphia for several years now, and it shows. You just get a sense that he “gets” Philadelphia and the whole real estate scene. He put it best, “It’s at once provincial and sophisticated, insular yet cosmopolitan, and as I often say, it’s a small town masquerading as a big city.” I can’t sum it up any better than that!


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Katie Craven
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