3 Tips for Building a Commercial Kitchen

Building our a commercial kitchen does not come without its surprises. Our Project Manager, Danielle Graham, offers her three tips for building out a commercial kitchen space:

1. Engage a Kitchen Consultant during the Design Phase.

Engaging a kitchen consultant during the design phase can make a tremendous difference in the results of your build out. Kitchen consultants serve as the subject matter expert during the design phase. Whether engaged by the project architect or directly by the owner, having this level of expertise will make for a high-quality project and kitchen design.

2. Know What is Underground

When you’re in the construction phase of your project, you will be tying in new equipment to existing pipes. Assuming your kitchen is on the ground level, this involves tearing up the floor. There is often a level of surprise when you are tearing up the floors. Make sure you are working closely with the project architect and paying attention to your as-built drawings before and during this work. You never know what you might find- dirty soil, non-compacted soil that you weren’t expecting to be there. Anticipating and being prepared will help to keep your project on time and on budget.

3. Equipment Coordination is Key 

Whether you are using new kitchen equipment or re-using existing equipment, it is critical that all equipment is up and running on day 1 when your client moves in. Be sure to test all equipment- old and new a- and build this into your project schedule. You may need to commission larger equipment or systems so be sure to allow time and budget for this type of work. In the restaurant and foodservice industry, there is no time for any piece of equipment to be down. So testing and re-testing and re-testing will ensure your kitchen is fully operational on day 1.


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