Client Integration

Client integration is a key component of Watchdog’s mission.

“It helps make clients’ lives easier,” said Camden Cowan, Project Manager.

Watchdog’s role as the owner’s representative is to learn the processes and procedures currently in place that work for the client. By doing so, they can provide support and integrate into the culture to make clients’ lives easier.

By assimilating into a client’s culture, Watchdog can build trust and show they have an understanding of what is important to the client/organization. At the beginning of each project, Watchdog conducts an in-depth onboarding process.

The onboarding process includes reviews of:

–    Process and procedure

–    Client culture

–    Technology

–    Project goals

“It’s important for us to understand what works, what doesn’t work and how we can streamline the process to make it easier for everyone involved,” commented Cowan.

There are a number of ways Watchdog integrates into a client’s culture:

–    Through the use of a specific technology that is preferred by the client

–    Project management software

–    A separate email address for the client

“We try to ensure we are engaged and actively involved in the processes that work for the client,” said Cowan.

Watchdog’s client roster ranges across various sectors. Some clients include Campbell’s, Shire, University of Delaware, Ronald McDonald House, PNC Bank and Christiana Care Health System.

To accommodate clients’ needs, Watchdog often holds off-hours meetings or adjusts the schedule as needed to ensure all stakeholders can be involved.

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