What is FF&E?

The FF&E on a project budget consists of furniture, fixtures, and equipment. It includes systems and office furniture, reception chairs, conference room furniture, AV equipment, artwork, and plants.

“And anything else that is not bolted to the space,” added Senior Project Manager Ryan Alligood. “FF & E is something you can carry out when you leave.”

When creating a project budget and considering hard costs and soft costs, FF & E are also important to factor in.

Purchasing furniture is not as simple as point-and-click. When specifying furniture, there is a need to be as detailed as possible in picking out every part and piece.

This process can be time-consuming for the client as there are countless options when it comes to furniture. The process needs to start early to give plenty of time for decision-making and delivery. AV work needs to be planned prior to move-in which is another reason furniture orders are placed well in advance.


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