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Watchdog moved GeoBlue out of multiple offices and suites into their new headquarters in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania in June 2017. As the owner’s representative, Watchdog played an integral role in lease negotiations to project completion. 

The shell had already been designed and permitted many years before GeoBlue became a potential tenant. On the interior, there was much debate and discussion since GeoBlue is an insurance company with roots in technology.

Millennials represent a large amount of their workforce, and they wanted to create an environment that would attract and retain top talent. The goal was a modern, open look without going to extremes.

“We worked with our design team on a department-by-department basis trying to figure out the best use of space,” said Andrew Conn, GeoBlue Chief Operating Officer, and General Counsel.

The result was open offices, collaborative spaces, common areas, offices with glass fronts, and a white noise system. The shared spaces have created an environment where various departments can come together to socialize and work.

Due to the nature of their business, GeoBlue also took into consideration safety and legal requirements, including protecting the accessibility of sensitive information.

“If you walk around our building, you probably can’t tell, but there are a lot of secure areas,” pointed out Conn.

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