Watchdog provides Post Award Services for the GSA (General Services Administration). The GSA is essentially the landlord for the government. We are brought onboard by the broker for Post Award Services which includes all project management activities from lease execution through construction completion.


What is the GSA?


There are 3 phases during GSA Post Award Services projects:

  1. DID- Design Intent Drawings
    • During this phase, the floor plan of what the government agency intends the space to be is designed. Watchdog reviews the DIDs to make sure that all special requirements, stipulated by the agency, are represented in the drawings. The government approves the DIDs.
  2. CDs- Construction Drawings
    • During this phase, the construction drawings are developed by the landlord. Each agency has their own special requirements and the landlord is required to incorporate those requirements in the drawings. Typically, Watchdog is the main point of contact during this phase.
  3. TI Pricing- Tenant Improvement
    • During this phase, we review Tenant Improvement Cost Summary Sheets (TICS), which specify the details and finishes of the project. We also review bids for consultant work during this stage.

Our objective is to maintain the schedule, per the lease and make sure that the agency’s specifications have been tracked throughout the project.


The GSA rating scale is between 1-5 and Watchdog typically receives 4s and 5s on our projects.

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