Infection Control Risk Assessment (ICRA)


Anyone who is involved in a construction project in a healthcare facility needs to be familiar with Infection Control Risk Assessment (ICRA) standards. ICRA is a set of standards which evaluates the impact of dust and debris from construction, within a healthcare facility.

There are different types and classes of ICRA. The type refers to the construction activity and the class refers to the location of the construction. ICRA is taken into consideration by the architect during the design phase. Construction managers, general contractors and project managers must be aware of ICRA if they are overseeing or performing any work within a healthcare facility. These professionals will ensure that the level of ICRA that has been approved is being followed. The goal is to limit the impact of construction to all patients and families and the facility itself.


ICRA also applies when the internal facilities team is performing general maintenance. ICRA carts are used during maintenance to contain any dust and debris that might be produced from replacing a ceiling tile, lightbulb, or any other type of maintenance.


Find the full Infection Control Risk Assessment Matrix of Precautions for Construction & Renovation here. 


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