Watchdog Expects Continued Boost in Dynamic Los Angeles

Jessica Slack, Managing Director of Watchdog’s Los Angeles location, says the project management company is excited about the current market activity in the Greater Los Angeles region and how they believe their unique platform of services will be received.

At the ULI Annual Fall Meeting in Los Angeles, which aims to connect the world of real estate, industry leaders revealed that the host city is currently one of the hottest markets in the country, ranked seventh by “Emerging Trends in Real Estate.” The local real estate community anticipates that the surge in visitors expected as a result of Los Angeles hosting the 2028 Summer Olympics will continue to boost market activity and fuel real estate development.

Activity in the commercial sector, especially Class A market space is expected to remain strong, with collaborative and creative office space continuing to trend. Mixed-use and transit-oriented development is occurring as a way to reduce traffic congestion and is consistent with the region’s goal to make Los Angeles a more walkable city.

The downtown retail scene continues its growth and evolution with a surge of hotel and mixed-use development. Neighborhoods such as Downtown, the Arts District, Culver City and Orange County are just a few of the hot areas that Watchdog is paying close attention to.

“Watchdog is exceptionally positioned to capably support the growth and development in the Los Angeles region,” commented Slack.

Watchdog focuses exclusively on providing conflict-free comprehensive project management services. They are confident their value will be recognized in a local market where executing projects at a rapid pace in an ever-changing environment is critical. Focusing solely on project management services, Watchdog instills confidence in clients assuring them they are serving as their sole advocate and ensuring their best interests are genuinely being protected.

“This is a critical role we play and one we envision being in demand when market activity is so strong and decisions affecting project schedule and profitability will need to happen at a rapid pace,” said Slack.

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