Project Management Pioneers: Project Highlight – Exude – Culture

 Project Highlight: Exude – Culture

Exude’s previous location on Race Street in Philadelphia consisted of twenty-two private offices. Their new location on Chestnut Street is drastically different—it has none.

Founder and CEO Marcus Lopez says that was the plan. He believes collaboration happens when people bump into each other serendipitously. Prior to the move, this was a challenge from the core values perspective.

“The more connections people have on a personal level with their colleagues, the better off you are. This environment supports us to be able to encourage and support one another,” said Lopez.

Lopez believes that helping employees feel better about themselves, the work they do or the business’s purpose should be one of the organization’s main objectives.

“It will support how well you do financially,” Lopez commented.

When Lopez told employees they were moving into an environment with no offices he said they, “practically had a revolt.” But, after arriving at the new location and seeing the beauty of the space, Exude employees came around. One of the best characteristics is the stunning views of the city of Philadelphia.

“You can achieve this ‘ahh’ moment just by looking up,” said Lopez.

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