Project Management Pioneers: Project Highlight – Exude – Working With Watchdog

Project Highlight: Exude – Working With Watchdog

Watchdog orchestrated Exude’s move from Race Street in Philadelphia to Chestnut Street. Exude Founder and CEO Marcus Lopez called Watchdog’s involvement “instrumental.” Chrissy DiGiacoma, Accounting and Operations Manager at Exude, echoed similar reviews when she said what Watchdog brought to the process was “priceless.”

“We were moving into a different building. It was the eleventh hour, I was about to sign the lease,” recalled Lopez, “all of a sudden, out of nowhere comes Watchdog. I thought they were great. We connected immediately.”

Watchdog mentioned to Lopez they wanted to purchase the building on Race Street and it changed everything. Lopez went back and looked at the other buildings he considered and pinpointed the location on Chestnut Street.

“Now I had friends who were buying my building and friends who were going to help me build out,” said Lopez of Watchdog.

Watchdog project managers were with Exude through every step and approached each meeting and phone call with a positive attitude.

“They took all the panic away from me and did all the heavy lifting,” said DiGiacoma.

“Chrissy might have quit without the help and support she got from Watchdog,” added Lopez.

Watchdog informed Exude about the real estate market along with providing trusted feedback during the entire process. Exude, which had never endeavored such a large move, valued Watchdog’s involvement and reassurance calling it a “comfort.”

After the move, Watchdog did not disappear. They were on-site for six weeks completing every item on the punch list.

“I wish they were still here,” said DiGiacoma. “The Exude team valued everything the Watchdog team brought to our relocation. We would not be in our new space if it wasn’t for Watchdog.”

Click here to see the amenities at Exude’s new office.

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