Stay in Place Renovation

A stay in place renovation is a project where a client does not move to a new building. Instead, they stay in a building currently occupied while it is under construction.

During these projects, employees must be moved into a temporary space while renovations take place in the existing space. The temporary work environment is called a “swing space.”

There are a few differences between a stay in place renovation and a buildout.

During a stay in a place renovation, the client must move into a swing space in groups to make room for the construction zone. Once construction is complete and furniture is installed, the first group moves back into the renovated space. Then, the next group moves into the swing space and the process continues until the entire project is complete.

There are several benefits of stay in place renovations for the client:

  1.     No large move.
  2.     Less costly.

However, there can also be several drawbacks such as:

  1.     Disruption to employees.
  2.     Noise and debris during construction.
  3.     Can result in a longer project schedule.

“Stay in place renovations are a great way for a client to stay in a building they like,” says Danielle Graham, Project Manager. “These projects require the same level of project management but the steps are different and the schedule may be longer.”

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