You have gone through the process of designing and constructing your new space. With painstaking detail, you have created a design that will benefit your workforce, you have selected furniture, fixtures, and equipment to make the space a reflection of your company culture, and you have carefully monitored construction for accuracy and quality. Now, it’s time to move into your beautiful new space.


Your physical relocation is a major step in the process to bringing your new office to life. You want your employees to feel excited and energized on day one in the new space; not anxious and frustrated that nothing is working and their belongings are misplaced. Watchdog Project Manager Christine Krawiec has managed moves for clients of all sizes and shapes. In this video, she discusses her top tips for move weekend:

  1. Create an Inventory
  2. Develop a Move Plan
  3. Assign Move Liaisons
  4. Engage a Moving Vendor
  5. Have a building walkthrough
  6. Bring snacks!

Watchdog provides onsite move management services throughout the entire move weekend. More often than not, we execute relocations over the weekend so that our clients don’t lose any business days due to the physical relocation. We work closely with our clients to set expectations and create an organized plan. Our goal is that day 1 of employee occupations, your employees arrive at their new space and can begin work with no interruption.


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