In this episode of Project Management Pioneers, we continue our deep dive look into our partnership with Vertex on their headquarters.

Watchdog worked with the Vertex team to coordinate all of the various work streams that needed to be included in the programming of this project.

When it came to their office, Vertex wanted it to be an inviting, modern space. They did not want a sea of workspaces as you entered. They utilized curvature in the design and layout of the space that creates the environment they wanted for their employees. Each floor has an identical layout including conference rooms, breakout spaces, and pantry space where employees can gather.

Another area that Watchdog assisted in was the branding of the space. Throughout the space they needed to balance the need for privacy with not wanting the space to seem closed in, so they utilized films on glass walls and generally carried the brand look throughout the space.

Want to learn more about the Vertex project? Tune in next week as we continue our deep dive look at Watchdog’s work with Vertex!

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