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The hospitality industry is ever changing and ever evolving. As the brands continue to formulate around tech-driven and forward-thinking guests, hotel design and construction companies must continually adjust to implement new concepts and devices. Not only is the interior aesthetic of the guest rooms changing, but the usage and functionality of these spaces is changing as well.  From access, to image, to comfort, guestrooms and public areas continue to change to meet the needs of the modern world.

This trend is spawning new brands that are further built around new age practices and forcing existing brands to go through re-imaging exercises faster. As brands such as AC, Centric, and Moxy come to fruition, existing brands such as Sheraton are re-imagining the way they portray themselves to the public and develop their hotels.  Looking forward into the next year, I am excited to follow these trends and see how they are implemented across brand portfolios.



-Oliver Carley, Director of Hospitality with Watchdog Real Estate Project Management

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