Senior Project Manager, Sharon Eble, RA, joins Watchdog Real Estate Project Management

Watchdog Real Estate Project Management is pleased to announce the hiring of Ms. Sharon Eble, RA.

Ms. Eble, a Licensed Architect, brings nearly three decades of experience to Watchdog Real Estate Project Management. Throughout the course of her career, Ms. Eble has worked with clients in a wide variety of industries but has specialized in working with clients in the life sciences and healthcare sectors. As a Senior Project Manager, she will lead Watchdog’s project teams in successful project implementation. Additionally, as a member of the firm’s institutional project management team, she will add immense value through her leadership skills and intellectual capital gained through her prior experience in these industry sectors. Ms. Eble earned her Bachelor of Architecture degree from the New Jersey Institute of Technology and holds an NCARB Certification.

Watchdog connected with Sharon to learn more about what she was looking forward to as a member of the Watchdog team.

Why did you (Sharon) choose to come to Watchdog?

I was really impressed by Watchdog’s reputation in the industry, the diversity of experience on the team and especially the company culture.

How does Watchdog’s culture fit with what you were looking for in a company?

Watchdog feels like a family not a company. I appreciate how they have integrated a fully supported team approach so everyone can be their best selves both at work and at home.

What are you most looking forward to in your new role?

I am looking forward to working with a variety of clients and building strong relationships.

What are your favorite aspects of working in the project management industry?

My favorite part about being a project manager is there is never a dull moment. You are constantly learning because no two projects are ever the same and finding creative solutions is part of the fun.

What are you looking to further develop at Watchdog?

I am hoping to help grow the healthcare and life science market sectors.      

Watchdog Real Estate Project Management
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