One of our clients was caught in the web of red-tape that is often spun throughout the life of a complicated construction project. Between the controls in place for large, international corporations, the technology needed to share large sets of documents and many, many layers of approval on multiple sides, the web of red-taped can get tangled quickly.


The Problem:

Our client, a large, international organization, was having trouble accessing the construction documents put out by their contractor. The software that the GC used to share documents was not accessible for this client. The organization had strict network security controls, and because the company’s headquarters is based in Europe, there wasn’t a feasible workaround to circumvent the security controls in place. Our client and the general contractor were going back and forth and round and round and not coming up with a reasonable solution.


Our project managers were monitoring this situation and were aware of the larger implications that this complication was having on the project. The relationship between the GC and our client was being strained and the client didn’t have immediate access to the most up-to-date drawings which led to confusion and frustration for the client. Not to mention, not having immediate access to drawings meant building in extra time for decisions to be made.


The Solution:

Watchdog quickly came up with a simple solution. We used one of Watchdog’s backup laptops and set-up our client to have credentials and logins to use the laptop to get into the GC’s documents sharing software. The solution was quick, simple and effective. The client continued to use the Watchdog laptop throughout the life of the project.

This solution was offered at no extra fee because this is how Watchdog manages projects. We go the extra mile, we find the creative solutions, and we do whatever it takes to make sure the job gets done, and that our client is satisfied.

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