In this episode of Project Management Pioneers, Watchdog Project Manager Lauren Erickson talks about the process of site selection and how that process worked with our client Vertex.

Site selection has a lot of factors to consider from making sure the new location meets the company’s needs in terms of size to considering how the move will impact the commute of the employees.


Working with Vertex

Watchdog gathered the data Vertex needed in order to make this important decision.

In addition to providing date on the logistics of the new location in terms of size and impacts to the employees, Watchdog also provided a lot of insight into amenity planning. Vertex was leaving a daycare facility at their initial location, so we helped them analyze whether or not they needed to bring that kind of facility into their new campus. In the end, they did not have to do so because the new location was conveniently located next to a number of daycare facility options for the employees.


Site Selection Beyond Size

Site selections goes far beyond just the size of the space. From amenities to commutes to food options for the employees, Watchdog is there for our clients to assist in the analysis of all these areas.

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