Surprising Energy Conserving Methods

When building out a space to suit your needs, you might not realize that some building features, materials, or space planning can have a dual purpose. Learn more about these common building features/practices and how they can contribute to energy conservation.


Hot Aisle/ Cold Aisle Containment is a layout design for server racks and other computing equipment in a data center. The goal of the configuration is to conserve energy and lower cooling costs by managing (containing) the air flow. The method takes advantage of the natural properties of warm air rising by directing the upward airflow to an AC return system. There is a physical barrier that guides hot exhaust airflow back to the AC return. The process can increase cooling efficiency by 30% or more.


Demountable partitions is a fancy way of saying movable wall. These are non-load bearing walls that are made of prefabricated sections that can be readily disassembled and relocated. Systems can either come as modular- where they come in pieces and are assembled on site or unitized, which arrive on site as a unit and can be installed and reconfigured very easily, using less labor. Because these systems are movable, they can help to prevent more labor-intensive construction down the road, when a new layout is needed. In this way, they can prevent additional construction being necessary. Demountable partitions support sustainable construction practices by preventing future material waste, reduced demand for raw materials, less site disturbance and increased energy efficiency.


Acoustical Spray is an applied acoustical texture designed for a wide range of project types. It provides an attractive, high performance solution to acoustical and lighting design objectives in a variety of project types. The spray can conform to any surface configuration and will bond to most common construction materials. If you find an acoustical spray that is “clean,” it will have been produced in a mill that requires little energy. Acoustical spray can be considered energy efficient because it takes less energy to make than other insulation, it is often made of recycled materials and most significantly, it reduces the amount of energy needed to heat or cool a building.

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