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One of the things I enjoy most about project management is the process of building a detailed schedule to uphold aggressive project timelines. It is one of the most important aspects to a project and takes creative solutions and good communication in order to produce a compact, yet realistic overall schedule. An integral piece of this process is careful coordination with all project vendors. As a project manager, it is vital to create harmony amongst all individuals involved in bringing a project across the finish line.

In addition to careful planning with these vendors, a project manager also needs to be incredibly conscious of the client’s time and specific needs when building out a schedule. These needs can range from lease obligations to their ability to have stakeholders make decisions throughout the project. It is essential to have the schedule included as a contractual document to ensure all parties are on the same page for key deliverables and milestones.  These solutions may take time to create, but the goal is to provide the client with every piece of information and options so that they can weigh the positives and negatives to make these decisions.



-Alex Lundstrom, Associate Project Manager with Watchdog

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