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Quality assessment and quality control (QAQC) are essential for getting a job done on time and on budget. The project’s end product is a reflection on all parties involved. No project team sets out to make mistakes or produce poor quality work, but without proper strategies in place or ways to track small details, an issue may arise, and that one small detail can have ripple effects throughout the rest of the project.

Ensuring a set of drawings turns into a finished product takes careful communication, due-diligence and attention to detail. The quality control of plans, specs and permit requirements are vital for the success of a project and can mitigate issues of liability and poor quality which can result in delays, rework, and increased spending. If a problem is caught early in the process, the backlash of a potential problem can be eliminated, and a solution can be realized.

The assessment of quality for a general contractor may be different for the owner, owners representative and the architect, so clear communication, daily reports and photographs for example are essential to level set and help all parties get on the same page about the work being done.


-Katherine Schultz, Associate Project Manager with Watchdog Real Estate Project Management

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