The Use of Bluebeam in Project Management

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Over the past few years, Bluebeam, a smart robust PDF editing software, has become one of the go-to software platforms in the construction industry. Designers as well as contractors are increasingly using Bluebeam in their day-to-day activities for marking up PDF files, performing quantity take-offs and virtually collaborating with team members in remote locations. This software offers its users the ability to more effectively communicate feedback and convey design strategies. One of the tools I have found to be most helpful are the scalable drawings and sketches. This provides me the ability to take accurate dimensions directly from the PDF. As a project manager, it is imperative for me to have clear lines of communication with all clients, project vendors, and project team members. This software has greatly developed flow of communication and understanding for all parties on any given project.

In order to keep pace with the A&E/Construction industry, Watchdog is using Bluebeam to:

  • Convey edits, markups, and notes in PDF files
  • Track punch list progress and completion
  • Share documents with clients as well as design and construction team members


-Loren Shaw, Project Manager with Watchdog Real Estate Project Management

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