Virtual Reality for Construction and Design Professionals

360 videos, also known as virtual reality  is here and its truly amazing.  My prediction in the next 2-3 years is all marketing professionals within the real estate, construction and design industry will be utilizing 360 video. Replacing pictures and traditional marketing materials,  360 video will allow firms to showcase their portfolio from every angle…literally. Your potential clients can interact with the content and view what they are most interested in.

In March, YouTube started to support 360-degree videos which works on both computer and mobile devices. This past weekend the NY Times launched a virtual reality news platform. Although 360 videos are new I believe they are here to stay and will play an important role in marketing construction and design services. There is no better way to create engagement and to display your portfolio to potential clients. Have a look for yourself.

On your computer simply click the video with your mouse and drag where you would like to see. (Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer). On your mobile device simply pan the device where you would like to view and the video will follow. ( 360 video only works when it is being viewed from the YouTube app. for mobile devices)


Our friends at Tonic Design Co. recently showed off Philadelphia in a 360-degree video tour.


Visit Hamilton Islands in 360


Go on a rally race with Subaru



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Stephen Fean
Stephen Fean is the Vice President of Business Development at Watchdog Real Estate Project Managers, a real-estate consulting firm that provides owner’s representation and project management services. More about Watchdog Real Estate Project Managers as well as additional blog posts can be found here.
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