Watchdog recently completed the transformation of two classrooms into a makerspace in of the area’s co-educational independent schools. To transform the classrooms into a hands-on idea exploration room, several trades were involved. Some light demolition had to be completed to adequately convert the room. New floors were installed to make the room more of a creative and utilitarian space. A fair amount of electrical and plumbing had to be installed throughout the room so that students can explore with all types of materials.


Photo of makerspace


To complete the room materials such as tables, different seating options, whiteboards, cabinetry and a variety of creative materials were brought in so that students can explore all types of interests: technology, digital products, building materials, crafting materials and more.


Photo of makerspace


The project was completed over the summer while school was not in session. This allowed for more flexibility in scheduling construction which was necessary due to the tight timeline. Watchdog managed all vendors throughout the project and provided construction oversight.


If you’re wondering what a makerspace is, you aren’t the only one! The concept is on the rise in educational institutions. Put simply, A makerspace is a place in which people with shared interests, especially computing or technology gather to work on projects while sharing ideas, equipment, and knowledge. It is a space designed and dedicated to hands-on creativity with an intention to actually create some kind of product. In today’s world, that often means a digital product, but it could also be a physical product.


A makerspace presents readily-available materials that can be used for concepting, inquiring and really anything imaginable. The materials in a makerspace vary greatly. Everything from cardboard, duct tape, construction paper, and rubber bands might be found alongside laptops, microphones, green screens, tablets and speakers.


To learn more about a maker space, click here.

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