Watchdog was grateful to moderate the panel discussion at last night’s CoreNet event featuring the new Vertex headquarters. Watchdog firm owner David Heckler moderated the panel which consisted of:


Lainie Sitko – Director of Workplace Strategy (HQ Project Lead for Vertex)

Matthew Feeney – Chairman – RE Broker with Cresa

Marisa Norris – Director of Strategic Communications with Vertex

Ann Hoffman – Director of Interior Design Services – Francis Cauffman


The panelists walked us through the intense four-year process that went into building a new headquarters for this employee-centric and deliberate organization. Throughout the discussion, we learned a great deal about the Vertex culture and how it was the driver of all decisions for this new HQ.


The Vertex Culture:

The Vertex culture is unique. Vertex is a highly sophisticated organization; they are team-based and extremely collaborative. Vertex is a matrixed organization and places great emphasis on teamwork, openness, and respect in the workplace.  Their previous facility did not support their company culture or core competencies.


Project Goals:

At the outset, Vertex had three very clearly defined project goals:

  1. Deliver the project on time and on budget.
    • This goal was delivered successfully. Vertex moved into their space two weeks early and came within 2% of their project budget.
  2. Deliver the project with as little disruption to the employees as possible
    • While Vertex is still collecting data on this, initial review shows that this goal was achieved. Throughout the process, Vertex made sure to keep employees well-informed. The organization relied on their employees taking an active role in shaping their new headquarters. Finally, a great deal of planning and analysis went into the move management portion of this project. The physical move took place over a three-day period and employees were back up and running within hours of arriving at their new workstation.
  3. Realize workplace strategy
    • The workplace strategy portion of this project was intensive and extremely focused. Workplace strategy began years before a building was even selected or any project consultants were hired.


The Workplace Strategy:

All aspects of this project, especially the workplace strategy process, were driven entirely by Vertex. The organization first went through an extensive visioning process to understand what the future of the company looked like. Then, business criteria were put in place and Vertex began “on-boarding” all consultants. It was important to Vertex that all consultants were partners and thoroughly understood their culture and process. Finally, Vertex executed all workplace strategy options available to them: surveys, workshops, on-site studies and more. The results that came out of these studies informed the decisions made throughout the site selection, design, and construction processes.


From Then to Now:

In the end, Vertex moved from:

…..180,786 square feet to 168,820 square feet

….7 buildings to 1

….11 pantries to 4 and a town hall


Vertex Town Hall


Vertex Town Hall Soft Seating Area


Vertex Elevator Lobby


Vertex Board Room


Vertex Pantry


Vertex Workstations


Vertex Floorplan



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