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Move Management

Client Relocation and Move Management

Move management is one of the many services offered by Watchdog.  While engaging with clients, Watchdog’s main focus is on major milestone activities like space design and construction. Another milestone that tends to get overlooked at the start of the project is relocation. It marks the end of a project and requires engagement from the entire organization to be executed properly.

Why would I need Move Management?

Watchdog offers move management as a service to clients to help them through preparation, planning, and execution of a move.

“Preparation for a move means a client needs to be actively purging their space for months or even a year leading up to the relocation,” commented Caitlyn Helsen, Project Manager.

Watchdog can help clients through the process by discussing best practices with internal and stakeholders.

Why use Watchdog’s Move Management?

What differentiates Watchdog’s move management is their physical, on-site presence in every move activity.

“We like to be on-site with movers and working with any internal stakeholders to make sure everything is executed properly,” said Helsen. “Nothing is more disappointing than arriving on the first day in a new space and finding someone else’s boxes at your workstation. We help our clients avoid that with our move management service.”


Katie Craven
Katie Craven is Marketing, Communication and Brand Manager at Watchdog Real Estate Project Managers, a real-estate consulting firm that provides owner’s representation and project management services. More about Watchdog Real Estate Project Managers as well as additional blog posts can be found here.
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