Watchdog Real Estate Project Management Announces the Hiring of Mason Bracker

Watchdog Real Estate Project Management is proud to announce the newest addition to the firm, Associate Project Manager, Mr. Mason Bracker.

Mr. Bracker brings diverse experience to Watchdog, having previously worked for a nationwide general contractor. In his previous role, Mason served as an Estimating Engineer where he oversaw pre-construction processes from conception through the beginning of field operations and led cross-functional teams to generate and compile proposals and estimates up to $50 million. As an Associate Project Manager with Watchdog, Mason will support the project management staff as well as his clients in successfully implementing projects on a national scale. Mr. Bracker holds a LEED Green Associate certification and is a graduate of Haverford College where he earned a Bachelor of Arts in Growth and Structure of Cities.

Watchdog sat down with Mason to learn more about what he was looking forward to in his new role as he continues his career with the firm.

Why did you (Mason) choose to join Watchdog Real Estate Project Management?

“I chose Watchdog for a variety of reasons. First, I was so impressed with the way everyone spoke about the work and company culture. A company culture built around teamwork and connection was really important to me. A second reason was based around the type of projects that I will get to be a part of. In leaving construction, I was looking for an opportunity to work on a variety of different tasks by expanding the types of projects I was contributing to.”

How does Watchdog’s culture correspond with what you desired in a company?

“Over the last year, I think COVID has caused us all to think about what we value in company culture – and coming out of this, I knew I wanted to work in a tight-knit team environment, and that I was looking for a dynamic role where I could learn from my peers, solve problems, and be challenged. From my many conversations with members of the Watchdog team, it’s clear these are things that are imbued in Watchdog’s culture. Lastly, I was able to hear about the way that the Watchdog team stayed connected over the past year, which was really important to me.” 

What are you most looking forward to in your new role?

“First off, I’m really excited to work for a dynamic, and cross-functional team. Secondly, I’m looking forward to the variety of jobs and tasks I will get to work on. Working in estimating at a general contractor, while the buildings changed, the task primarily was just to figure out how much it was going to cost to build. With this move to project management, I’m excited to take on a larger scope of work and for the opportunity to learn.”

What are your favorite aspects of working in the project management industry?

“I have always been interested in the building process and believe that the project management industry is the best place to be a part of that full process. At every stage of design, development, and construction, there are complex problems to solve that I find really interesting.”

What are you looking to further develop at Watchdog?

“I’m looking forward to juggling multiple types of roles and responsibilities at once and continuing to develop my project-management skills as I do so.”

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